Sunday, January 25, 2009

Miss O's Birthday

I was thinking at work today as I stood in the labor room that we're remodeling, about how six short years ago I was pacing that very floor in expectation of my first child. Now she's six-going-on-thirteen and I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to keep up. With all the stress she brings home from school, the catty-ness, the brother bashing and her expectations of this day I was cringing a little at what the outcome might be.

Going to a China Buffet with eight adults and seven kids is not ever my idea of a good time, but that's what she wanted. The Missus and I wound up at a table with the six children who were awake. My little princess was the best behaved of them all. Back at home for the presents and cake I was cringing a little again, wondering if there might be a breakdown when the pile of presents didn't correspond to the list in her head.

It was amazing though. With every rip and swoosh of wrapping paper her little face lit up, even when it was just gloves and a hat. She was so thrilled about everything. And... sniff, she said her favorite present was the picture that her little friend Eden had made for her.

And the cake, UH MAH GAHD, the cake! My Missus really knows how to make em. And when I say that I mean make em. Three layers of chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting in between, princess pink on the outside, hand made chocolate shapes plastered all over it and a chocolate lattice tower rising from a green frosting meadow on top. Dang! there will be pictures for you to ogle somewhere shortly.

And that's it. She had a wonderful day and was just as nice as could be. Sometimes things just go right.



Pamela said...

she was sweet.
and i do make a mean, mean cake.
does everyone know yet that i was proposed to for a cake i made on friday? i was. it's not every day you get proposed to for cake.

Irish Gumbo said...

Six kids who were awake, and you made it home in one piece. You, sir, are made of pretty stern stuff.

*sniff* You are also very blessed: amazing wife, amazing daughter...and CAKE. Sweet, indeed.

Right on, bro: truly, sometimes things just go right!

Jill said...

they never cease to amaze you sometimes.

Let me tell you a little story:
At my birthday (6th I believe), i got purple socks; I took one look and threw them over my shoulder like Randy and Ralphy on christmas morning. I was abroplty taken to the back room and returned doing the "snif, aahhhaaa, sniff, sniff, sorry Grandma.! But I didn't learn: we usually got a "grab bag" of things for christmas from the McCarhty Grandparents (they had like 13 grands to buy for) and I looked in my box one year (maybe I was 11 or 12) and when aunt marlene asked me what I got I replied very mater-o-factly "some crap" OUCH that one hurt.....lets hope for her sake that she keeps up the manners and sweetness.....