Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here's The Poop

Yeah, OK, so... I realize that this might be a little bit awkward for readers who don't have children. I harken back to a discussion that took place in a Denny's with four people who had children and two who didn't. After a ten minute discourse on the state of poopy diapers in the kingdom we turned to observe the childless one's with tight lips and very big eyes. Well, to those of you who don't live in a world that revolves around diapers and wipes... get over it. Everybody poops. (Which, coincidentally, is the title of a hilarious book that I am not going to bother to link to on Amazon.)

Anyway, lil H-Bomb has been slowly gaining interest in the potty lately. Going to the bathroom is always a team sport at our house. It starts with a toddler following a parent everywhere. Eventually said toddler starts following siblings in there as well. H-Bomb would peek in the bowl and announce, "POOP!" and for some reason "COW!". It might have something to do with visiting me while I was building dairy barns last summer, I have no earthly idea though. It was such a constant verbal tick with him that it became a game for The Missus to play with him when changing nappies.

TM: Is there poop in there?
HB: No... jusss pee!
TM: Did you poop a cow?
HB: Noooooooo!

After a while he was no longer satisfied with the imagery. The young man's thoughts turned from the bovine to nearly every other creature in the barnyard.

TM: Did you poop a cow?

Ha! And that's not all the little fella came up with. After a couple days the old goose routine wasn't getting the laughs anymore so he upped the ante.

TM: Did you poop a goose?
HB: TWO Geese!

And it didn't stop there. I'm sure The Missus can fill you in on more of the panoply of barnyard creatures that have graced the folds of little H-Bomb's nappy. It's quite extensive. He spent a week running through ducks, kittens, sheep, and his latest favorite: chickens. The little guy is just wild about chickens for some reason. He's got poultry on the brain and well... on the kiester too.

Yeah, so that happened. When he's older I'm going to have to thank him for his creativity in relieving the monotony of changing diapers. I'd SO much rather hear about what pretend animal just sprang forth from his booty than have to play Stinky Feet while trying to wipe his bum.



Irish Gumbo said...

Wow, quite the imagination, there! All the creatures of the barnyard!

For some reason, Wee Lass got stuck on 'moons' and 'grapes' for awhile.

Lately, she mostly disregards it, except to look gravely into the bowl and pronounce 'Poop. Stinks.'


Pamela said...

sometimes he says it's a mama chicken and lots of baby chickens...and it just turns out to be eleventyseven raisins that he forgot to chew. mer.

ChurchPunkMom said...


Daniels5 said...

that's my grapes! #2 proudly announces when he goes, you know #2