Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wrappin' Up '08

Wow, another year draws to a close and where has the time gone. I've prepared an extensive and well thought out year end post to highlight all the big happenings of 2008. Not really, I got nuttin. Because really, when you've got young children the big events of the year happen in a few seconds each and every day and who has time for a retrospective of stuff that I can't quantify or put into words but that made fireworks go off in my head. The Short People... are stinkin great. There ya go.

What I'm going to do instead is sing the praises of my darling Missus. I've been wanting to do this for quite some time but it's hard to find a way to get it all in. Anyone with a family knows how much work goes into running a house and she pretty much does it all. At the risk of sounding dated or chauvinistic I'm pretty much bringin home the bacon and she's pretty much at home, barefoot and pregnant. Well, not really, she also does a ton of philanthropic work and she's usually wearing slippers. Pregnant though... yeah, and how!

Yesterday though she was really sweet to me. I had to work the red eye shift, starting Sunday night and then go right into the day shift. By the time I finally got home I had just enough energy left to get to a couch and pass out. She had an appointment to go to though, so she called a babysitter so I could sleep. Said babysitter woke me for dinner, I checked my e-mail, took a shower and was in bed long before the Short People.

That girl takes pretty good care of me. The home made bread alone is worth the occasional pair of diamond earrings or... I dunno... a BMW at least. I can't even begin to list all the stuff she does for us that is way above the call of duty. So as you celebrate the new year, heist a pint to my Missus. I love you, Babe.

P.S. If you haven't already voted in my survey over at Simple Terms you've got till midnight on the 31st. Then I'll break it all down in a big summary post after my hangover clears up.



Irish Gumbo said...

Hoist a pint for the lady, I will, hey man, homemade bread, yummm...

I set out a glass for you on IG, upper right hand corner.

Here's to a good year for us all! Slainte!

Captain Dumbass said...

You sound like a lucky man. Good thing you appreciate it. Happy New Year.