Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Sound Of Music

Ah yes. The house is alive with the sound of... the same three CDs played over and over and over and over and over... and over again. My short people have all developed a serious interest in music. I almost look back fondly to a time when Veggie Tales was the entire scope of their interest. There was a stretch when a playlist on my iPod was good to go for all of them while in the car. I was feeling really good about introducing them to a wide variety of music.

Lately though, J-Man has taken to a CD made by some friends of mine. I do a lot of sound work for them and their music is a part of all of our lives. It's become an outright obsession for him though. I would not be exaggerating when I tell you he plays is twenty to thirty times a day. He only plays it on the player in the boys' room which is a blessing because it's the farthest from the rest of the house.

The stressful part of that situation though is that wee H-Bomb still loves him some salad music. So when the lone Veggie Tales CD that we can still find makes its way into the player it's usually not there for long. DJ J-Man hustles right in there to swap it out for his disc. Then there's a lot of punching, kicking and screaming. It's kind of like being at a Slipknot show but with no beer and fewer tattoos.

Miss O has her own particular drama. She's been craving a princess alarm clock from Target since this summer. She finally got her wish under the tree. The night before she was relating all the various wonders of said alarm clock to me. It had a CD player and a tape player and the radio only played princess music. (Oh boy...) I spent a while explaining that it probably didn't do any of those things. She got really defensive and I let it drop. She's a smart little cookie but there was no way I was going to convince her that all radios got the same stations at that late hour.

Come Christmas morning though it did turn out that the clock does play special princess music. It's only a thirty second sample from Cinderella but it's better than nothing. When she got tired of that I tried to turn on the radio for her but she doesn't like any of the stations. I told her I could make it better if she could wait till the weekend. The feature that projects stars on to the ceiling was consolation enough for the time being... thank God.

So today I spent an hour in the shop gutting the thing and adding an input jack so she can plug in a CD player or iPod and listen to whatever she wants. I got screamed at for playing a lame kiddie CD but once a good kiddie CD had been located she thought it was pretty neat.

And The Missus is now in possession of her veryown iPod. I've been loading on a bunch of CDs she hasn't heard in a very long time. She's also pretty excited about downloading some that have been lost or wrecked by the short people. It's been a long time since she's been interested in music. It's tough for a classically trained musician, the standards are pretty high.

Anyway, whatever it is they're listening to I'm just glad they're listening. I couldn't imagine having kids who don't like music. I did used to wonder what my kids would find to listen to that would drive me nuts. As much as Veggie Tales grate on you after a thousand times it's still pretty good music. I heard mention of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers the other day and I got my answer. It won't be long now till the Pop Crap Invasion hits my hosue. I better stock up on Anthrax for private listening.



Irish Gumbo said...

Jawohl, Mr. Mister!

Finally had time to stop by, check out what's going on over here. I likes it! I had to rub my eyes at one point: Dude, did you REALLY trick out a princess alarm clock? Ha! that's awesome, and a bit scary! I better not let my Wee Lass hear about that, she'll be after me to work some miracles on her Hello Kitty Clock.

I'm with you on the VeggieTales versus the MC/Jonas Bros./Naked Brothers swill: that stuff is the aural equivalent of syrup of ipecac!

And isn't it cool that Anthrax in this case could be used as case could be used as an innoculant? HA!

Thanks so uch for hopping aboard the Irish Gumbo bus. I like the company, and I'm looking forward to a long, strange trip...

The Mister said...

Yeah dude, that princess clock is totally tricked. My only regret is that I didn't have a white cable to match the case better. Doesn't matter, she thinks I'm the Wizzard of Oz. Don't worry, I can totally post step by step instructions for alarm clock hacking. All you need is a screw driver, pliers, and mad soldering skills. On second thought, if your lass ever get's any ideas you can just ship it over and modifications are on the house.

Irish Gumbo said...

Awesome! I think I'll hold it in reserve as a 'special' treat, when I need some leverage on the lass.

Thanks for the offer!