Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quote Of The Day - Armpits

I sat on the couch for most of an hour today reading "The Return Of The Indian In The Cupboard" to Miss O. When she was three I used to make her laugh when I read stories to her by randomly switching to jibberish or inserting the word "watermelon" in the story. Both those tricks still work. Another verbal tickle I discovered today is "armpits". It must have just been the moment but it was making us crack up. The Missus was sitting next to us, knitting a hat and thinking we were nuts nearly peeing her pants too.

Eventually we had given up on the story and were just exploring the comedic potential of the word "armpits". I said when the boys come back from gym class and are all sweaty she could say stuff like, "Hey stinky armpits! Stop bothering me and go take a shower!"

Then we looked at the cat sleeping on her lap and I said, "I sure am glad I'm not a cat and don't have four armpits!" The three of us had difficulty breathing for quite a while after that. I guess you probably had to be there. Maybe not, armpits are funny.


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