Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Life Is Pretty Good

I'm home from work, fed, the dishes are cleaned up, the children are in bed, I've showered, my wife is approaching sanity, I've been playing blogs for half an hour and it's only just nine o'clock. Pretty frickin sweet dude! I've also been racking up overtime like it's my job... er... yeah, and it's looking like we might start the new year in pretty good shape.

I'm being lazy tonight as my fingers are already tired of typing. My BIL got us started on a typing test web site and we've been racing and racing to see who can turn in the highest number. I just edged out The Missus, but she saw a girl who broke 100 words per minute. I need to train more. I'm pretty sure I can type at that rate when I'm working stream of consciousness, but reading words in a line that don't make sense next to each other is a challenge. I'm at 86, but I get 8 wrong every time, so I'm actually at 94 but not really.

At any rate (Ha! Rate...) the link to that oh so addictive pass time is over at my other blog, Simple Terms. Also, there's a survey at the top of the page that's closing at the end of the month. You have to read the post that goes with it and then cast your vote. It may be slightly offensive as it plays on musician stereotypes and their girlfriends. But hey, I'm all about stereotypes. Wearing them out is the only way to take the sting out of them. Just ask your gay friends why they casually call each other "fag". Anyway, I'll be writing a big summary article when the poll closes on New Year's Eve. Actually, I'll be writing it somewhat after the recovery period and a goodly number of homemade sweet rolls.

I'd like to close by giving a warm shout out to the recent additions to the list of my followers:

Thanks for keepin tabs on me and thank the rest of you for stopping in as well. You have no idea what it does for me to know that you're reading my stuff.


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Uncle Benna said...

I think this was my first shout out ever!

hahahaha, typing tests... It was my evil plan to give your entire family carpel tunnel