Thursday, December 11, 2008

How I Got To Be The Mister (Part 5)

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This part of the story is short but sweet. The Miss and I had been officially dating for about a month, and she had decided to move back to the area from Cleveland which made things a lot easier. The week before we were to move her stuff back we were taking a nap on her mother's couch. When we woke up I started talking about how I guessed I'd better sell a guitar or something so I could buy her a rock. She said any old rock would do and we could upgrade later. That was as much actual talk of marriage as we had gotten out in actual not-dancing-around-the-subject speak.

I went back to my folks place to tell them and my Mom jumped up, said, "Don't move!" and ran out of the room. I figured she was going for the camera. She came back a minute later with my Grandma Flora's engagement band. She said I could have the stone and my brother could have the gold. All that remained was to come up with a setting.

That night at our favorite pub The Miss was playing with her rings and left one on the table when she got up to go to the loo. (That's what you call it when you're in a pub.) I tried it on all my fingers for a sizing and wound up with pinky finger, second knuckle for a reference. The other item that came up that night was that since her father was MIA with someone from work (an inmate where he was a guard) she told me I'd have to ask her brothers' permission to marry her.

That Tuesday I met a friend for a cheeseburger. That friend happened to be a jeweler and said he could set me up with Grama's stone in a new setting by Friday. Frickin sweet! I asked her youngest brother's permission and his head just about exploded. We were already doing gigs together and he was pretty psyched about being my right hand man.

The other brother... not so much. He was a roofer at the time, while on college breaks. Some guys from church were roofing a friend's house so I took the opportunity to ask him while on a water break. In front of my father and a handful of men from church, he went on (at length) about how it wasn't such a good idea, and she'd been engaged before, a couple times, and she was kinda flaky and maybe it would be better to just wait and see. I gave him the big whatever.

That weekend I drove to Cleveland to pack out my girl's stuff. I had the ring in my pocket but didn't want to propose at her place there. Despite having a totally sweet second story porch, if we ever wanted to visit the place of our betrothal, it was going to be kind of difficult. So I held on to it until we got back to town.

It was about this time that I knew I was going to be buying my Grandparents' house from their estate. It's three doors up from where I grew up and a quarter mile from where she grew up. I lured her up there on the premise of seeing what she thought about a second story deck on the back. Then...

Right outside the back door, I mumbled something about being really happy with her and wondering if she'd maybe like to make it permanent. I fished the ring out, grabbed her right hand, and proceeded to attempt to jam the ring on her middle finger. One slight detail that I forgot to check on. She finally stopped me, got it on the right finger on the correct hand and gave me a big kiss.

And that is how we got engaged. There's more but I'm going to stop here and end with a plug for my friend Tom who has to date made wedding rings for several other friends of ours and saved them thousands of dollars. If you're in the market you should totally drop me a line and I'll hook you up.



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