Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Pagent

I got drafted into the ol' Christmas pagent this year. It happened so quickly that I didn't even have a chance to grouse about it. I guess they figured that I'm getting used to treading the boards and relinquishing my role as a tech. Actually, we've been in the show a lot. The year Miss O was born, The Missus and I played Joseph and Mary, lil' O was the Baby Jesus. I've had a couple other forgettable roles as well, but this was the first time that Miss O really wanted a part.

A week ago I got handed our pages and we went to work. I was told that we could read from them in the show or just improvise our own stuff if we wanted to. I decided to stick to the words for the part that I had them. Being opposite a six year old it pays to stick to the script. To elaborate, I was Zechariah hearing from Gabriel (afforementioned six year old girl) about the birth of John. Then I was scripted to play scharades with Elizabeth (Miss O) to convey that I couldn't talk. We cooked up the material ourselves and it was pretty sweet.

Miss O went back and forth about wanting to do it or not. She, obviously, recognized the comedic dream team that we are and wanted to do the material. The only catch is that she hates to be laughed at. It came to tears quite a few times. What finally saved us at the zero hour was her totally sweet costume that she was just dying to wear, and also the angel costume that she got to wear for the finale if she went through with the Elizabeth thing.

When go time finally arrived she performed like a true professional, even going so far as to ham it up even more than we had rehearsed. Here's how it went down:

THE MISTER: (waving)
TM: (pointing to eye)
MO: You have a headache?
TM: (lifting eyelids and pointing)
MO: Eye?
TM: (picking up can of soup)
MO: Soup?
TM: (pointing to can of soup)
MO: Tomato?
TM: (thwacking can of soup in exasperation)
MO: Can?
TM: (pointing to eye and then can)
MO: Eye... can...
TM: (pulling out piece of rope)
MO: Rope?
TM: (waving her off)
MO: Twine?
TM: (tying a knot)
MO: Knot?
TM: (nodding, pointing to eye, can and knot)
MO: Eye... can... knot...
TM: (dropping props and opening mouth)
MO: Brush your teeth?
TM: (checking breath and trying again with big frustrated hand gestures)
MO: Tiger?
TM: (trying yet again)
MO: Tiger? (delivered that one a second time to enjoy continued crowd reaction)
TM: (pointing to eye, can, knot, and making chicken head motions)
MO: Eye... can... not... TALK?
TM: (flapping arms in relief)
MO: Why didn't you say so?

What a team we are.


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twenty something said...

so i know i say this all the time but it rings just at true today as it did years ago...i love your family and they never fail to capture my heart.