Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Concert

I worked all weekend and still managed to cram in cartoons with the short people, a nap, and a Christmas party. At dinner tonight Miss O mentioned the Elementary Christmas Concert was this evening and people she knew were in it. I figured a little extra face time with my peeps wouldn't be a bad idea so The Missus took H-Bomb for a visit with my folks and off we went.

The kids were relatively well behaved and I got to just sit in a fairly comfortable auditorium seat, warm and full, and enjoy the event. My memories of a long boring event flitted briefly through my head but I decided to ignore them and look at it with a fresh perspective.

As the fourth and fifth grade band mangled the first few holiday favorites I was lost in the sound. It was a strange dichotomy to be hearing such discordant sounds and yet be so full of Christmas cheer.

As they filed off to be replaced by the chorus I was looking more closely at the kids. I spy on older kids so I have some idea of what's coming. When I was that age Van Halen was at the peak of their stardom, parachute pants were still in and MTV still played videos. It was a totally different world, I need some perspective.

The same girl went by three times, but apparently there's a cream dress with a velvet top that's popular at Wal-Mart this year. A lot of the kids were pretty nondescript but a few were obviously into looking put together. Amid the plain white shirts there were a couple boys sporting emo hair cuts, and a few of the girls had elegant ringlet curls.

What was more interesting than the fashion tastes of nine-year-olds was watching their performances. A lot of them were well on the way to having proper vocal technique which was inspiring to a jaded sound guy. I got a chuckle when I noticed that they had changed "gay" to "bright" in one of the arrangements.

The sixth grade chorus was last, middle school kids. As they shuffled onto the risers I witnessed in sharp relief the transition from kid to teenager. The really interesting thing though was to watch the faces of the kids that just didn't want to be there. Over the years I watched thousands of musicians. They all wanted to be there though. Watching half the kids barely mumble the words was a real mind warp. Art as a requirement, huh.

My own shorties thought it was great until they realized that there was no intermission and therefore no snacks. I made them stick it out for the whole hour though and I was glad I did. When Miss O's friends filed by on the way to their seats she actually jumped up and hugged three of them. Her two friends from church were all right with that, but a boy named Damien that she just knows from the bus didn't know what to do about that.

A familyl friend saw us and was surprised to see us there. "Eh, we do all the shows." I said, "We're a show family." My short people so love them some production. Sigh. Well, I'm off to do my chores, with thoughts of elementary school echoing back through the terrazo halls of my memory.



Pamela said...

What I'm wondering is how you got a diaper genie ad under that post.

Daniels5 said...

don't do It diaper genie sucks! Big pain in the ass!

Anywho, you brought back some great memories of elementary school!

Uncle Benna said...

That brings back some memories, unpleasant ones of moping and buffing hallways, whilst little ones serenade their families at Christmas time.