Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas '08

I'm so totally whupped that I'm not the least bit interested in typing at the moment, but if I don't then I won't be able to ever remember any of this. Not that Christmas was all that difficult this year, but I got a call at 4 AM to go salt the parking lot at work so I was a little off all day.

But by the time I got back home at seven, the children were poised and ready. We diverted from the procedure I grew up with but no matter. Stockings, breakfast, presents isn't carved in stone, but the nutrition part would have helped. Peppermint patties and Starburst do not a nutritious breakfast make so we had some whiny children eventually.

I'll divert from the story slightly to stick in how much I love the way the entire world vanishes on Christmas morning. All attention is focused on the floor between the couch and the tree. Minimal attention is given to coffee and other such mundane things and the wider world is nothing more than something vague and white outside the windows. And now back to our regularly scheduled narrative.

They got all their presents opened in the space of half an hour and mostly without anyone opening the wrong one. Even wee H-Bomb at the tender age of two handled it pretty well. It was pretty satisfying to know that the entire pile of presents under the tree satisfied our short people even though we spent less on them than we did on holiday giving. The Missus is really good about emphasizing gifts being about more than getting stuff.

We also mostly diverted from buying toys that require assembly and batteries, with a few exceptions. J-Man got a ton of puzzles but the assembly is all on him. Miss O got a kid-proof digital camera but that was the only electronic item. Oh yeah, there were two items that diverged from being inexpensive and not having batteries.

The Missus and I both had shiny new iPods under the tree this year. It all started three years ago when she got me a mini for Father's Day. She really wanted one in pink but they were discontinued so I had to go on eBay to get her one for our anniversary. It turned out to be a dud so for the following Father's Day/My Birthday I got... her a digital camera.

She has made the occasional longing comment about still wanting an iPod since then. I've been coveting a Touch myself, mostly for the internet connectivity. I have a smart phone but it's too expensive to get on line with and when Apple came out with a box that can do more than just stripped down cell phone versions of the interwebs I knew I had to have one. I can totally write it off as a business expense though, being in the music industry and all.

I had an antique CB radio given to me that I was pretty sure I could sell for enough to get me one. The problem was I got stiffed twice (eBay again) and it was getting close to Christmas. I also didn't want to buy myself a second iPod before I got The Missus her first. When she asked me what I wanted this year I told her I didn't need anything, I had a plan. It took a good deal of maneuvering but I managed (on three occasions) to get around her without giving it away or seriously pissing her off. Last month I shot straight to the store after a gig and spent half my take on her little blue beauty. My radio finally sold and I got mine as well.

So now we're both blissfully iPodded up and she can finally have music in her car that's not NPR. (Long story but it involves J-Man stuffing thirteen CDs and a dollar worth of change in her car radio) I am finally absolved of my lack of providing her with a sexy music reproduction device from Apple.

Wow, that was a little longer than I expected it to be. Ah well, three years of drama takes up some space. I'm happy to leave the photos and cute excerpts up to her though. Merry Christmas one more time. See you in the details.



The Mister said...

This is the part where I head off The Missus on saying that she knew all along what I was up to. You're IMPOSSIBLE to fool, I know. Just enjoy the music Babe.

Pamela said...

That was not at all what I was going to say.

This is the part where I say what I was going to say: I like to give presents to people. I am glad you like your iPod, but it is not fun for me to wonder what I am giving you for Christmas.

And now I will listen to my iPod and knit whilst the children watch Sid the Effing Science Kid and eat popcorn for breakfast.