Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back To Normal

Back to the normal pace of blogging. I posted once a day for the month of November over at Simple Terms as part of the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) project. I also managed to squeak in a few over here, which in my mind makes up for the two posts that I slipped in via cell phone to make the deadline. Toward the end of the month I had completely run out of stuff to post about every day so I turned to writing fiction. Anyway, all that's over there if you care to take a look.

In other news, The Missus came down with a condition on our anniversary, as did the wee bairn in her belly. So, she spent the evening with some other dude's hands on her goodies and I had a three hour bedtime battle royale with our short people. Yeah, three hours of slogging back up the stairs to put their royal hienies back in their beds has left me with a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth tonight. H-Bomb has started parroting J-Man's bedtime travails. He's also really taken to the other bedtime activity. The one that involves me eating copious portions of stinky jammy feet. So instead of beating them tonight I was extra hard on the dishes while I loaded the dishwasher. Yeah... those guys won't be creeping into the living room with little whiney complaints. Ha dishes! I win!

The Missus turned out to be fine. They thought the baby was a quart low, but he turned out to be fine.

I'll close with the quote of the day. The short people have recently perfected the art of the back seat quarrel. I got treated to my first real session on the way to pick up some medicine for The Queen Mum. Usually it's a perpetually unresolved argument about who is oldest. Tonight it went like this:

Miss O: J-Man! Think of a number.
J-Man: Uuuuuum. Hippo!
O: No! Think of a number!!
J: Ummmmm. Ewefent!!
O: NO! Think of a NUMBER!!!
J: EEE-wev-en.
O: No, six, I'm smarter.

Thank you, good night. I'm going to go lay in the weeds and drink now.



ChurchPunkMom said...

lol.. lay in the weeds and drink! ha, sounds like fun!

glad to hear the Missus is okay!
why do i keep shouting!?

anyway, i'm glad you posted that list.. i see a few in there i missed. go figure.. what with all the writing/typing/scribbling/what not i filled up my november with!

Daniels5 said...

Dude, i thought we were the only ones that did such things to our kids, and dishes. glad all is well with the missus, It was great having some grown up conversation with yall friday night!

twenty something said...

i way loved your quote of the day...i'm not gonna lie i took miss. o's role and used it on my roommate just to laugh. she didn't find it as humorous.