Saturday, November 1, 2008

This Is Just Nuts

My brother-in-law and his girlfriend have moved back to the area after living two hours away for the last two years. We're very fond of them and the short people are absolutely ga-ga. So now they're a mere forty minutes away and nicely settled. A visit was in order.

Unfortunately we were not at our best today. The shorties are all recovering from one type of malaise or another. The Missus is preggers and her body is up to its usual let everything but the baby fall apart tricks. And I'm just plain beat. But... we promised.

The Missus was off to work this morning and I was home with one kid who was just a lump on the couch and two others that just wanted to scream and throw things. Fortunately for yours truly I'm somewhat hearing impaired and most of the stuff in the living room is relatively soft. Only one of us got a decent nap and a decent meal. Come departure time everybody was more or less ready to get into the bourbon.

So my cranky family took twenty-five minutes to get crammed into the mini cooper van and we were off. Surprisingly the trip involved only a minimum of complaining and then there we were with our beloved relatives walking out to greet us. They then took our short people to a nearby playground while The Missus and I passed out on their couches. We were awoken in time for dinner. Frickin sweet! (!!!)

Dinner wasn't so much a meal as an extended yell-a-thon, punctuated with the occasional mouthful of food going into the shorties. But then we all had dessert three times 'cause hey... when there's Girlscout Samoa ice cream, homemade chocolate chip cookies with brownie centers and Halloween candy on hand... why not? (Sometimes calories are just calories and you don't hold being dessert against them.)

Somehow we managed to cram in a few minutes of pleasant, adult-type conversation in between cleaning up poop. (It's the little things, you live for em.) Finally, an hour after their usual bedtime, the short people had reached the end of their meager coping skills and we packed it in.

I was the only one awake for the drive home. Alone with my thoughts. All I could think was... how screwed up is it that we can go through all that nonsense and look back on it fondly as having been a good time for all? That's just nuts, but that's what being a family is all about.


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