Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quote Of The Day - Piggies

Last night, J-Man came totally unhinged and was just screaming and kicking me in the grill for about half an hour. The Missus had come to the rescue of poor lil H-Bomb who was freaked out by association. After the tempest had passed I got his attention by playing a little game with him. After dinner tonight we played it again with the following result.

Me: This little piggy went to market, etc, etc, etc. (The way you all know it)

J-Man: He he he he he he


Me: This little piggy went to Target,
This little piggy stayed home,
This little piggy had a latte,
And this little piggy had none,
And this little piggy cried wee wee wee, all the way home (but with my Jonny Cash voice)

J-Man: NO! The widdle piggy had popcorn!



Daniels5 said...

I love little kids!

Pamela said...

O was playing this with both boys today. I think all three of them peed their panties.