Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just Playin'

I wish I had a picture on hand of my short people playing in the leaves today. I only had about an hour to spend with them and I was just bone tired. At best I figured I would just be a lump on the couch and let them climb on me. But then my Mom called up from down the street and said that they had a huge pile of leaves and invited us down to enjoy it.

So we bundled up and trudged down there. Once the boys got in the pile I just couldn't resist. Mom had her digital camera and a couple lawn chairs out but I couldn't stay seated. J-Man was a veritable cyclone of destructive activity. He was practically the Tazmanian Devil. H-Bomb nearly exploded with the joy of it all. Every toss of leaves, every plop in the pile, every emergence from being buried by Taz elicited a huge, open-mouthed squeal of delight. Pretty soon I was in there with them, making it rain leaves, burying , getting buried, surprising passers-by when I launched the boys out from their concealment. It was sthe best time I've had with those guys in a long time.

Then the boys got interested in J-Man's backhoe which freed me up to play Indians with Sis. It was an elaborately staged production, complete with a woodland fort, weapons, wolves, warriors, tragic casualties and heroic rescues. Then Grandma had plates of goulash ready for them and we all got to go inside.

Pretty sweet hour. It's nice when the screaming and hitting stops and you can just see them enjoying themselves and loving each other.




Anth K, the Super Jew said...

It's 3:15 in the morning. And no one in my house is up. But for some reason, I smell goulash. And it smells delicious.

Daniels5 said...

Hey Stranger, I love those hours! We enjoyed one much the same a few weeks back. Across the street from us the the local Catholic Church that has several huge trees that line the parking lot, they all dropped there leaves so we took our rake over and racked up a pile that was probably 6 feet high and just went crazy! The boys stopped fighting long enough to enjoy a solid 1 1/2 hours over there!

ChurchPunkMom said...

mmmmm... goulash.

i was totally going to rake up and experience the joy of leaves with my midgets... but then it started raining. like, tall-cow-pissing-on-a-flat-rock raining.. for the last two days..

*sigh* maybe it will be dry enough by the weekend.