Saturday, November 22, 2008

Factoids Abound

The Missus just tagged me for another meme (still hate that word, but love the game). So now I'll be revealing seven random factoids about myself and then possibly tagging seven blogger friends to do the same. That is, providing I can think of seven people I read who don't exhibit animosity toward memes.

I love the smell of wire. "Wire?" you say. Oh yes, wire. "It has a smell?" you say. Oh yes. One lonely strand of wire doesn't have much of an odor all by itself, especially when it's been hiding in your walls for a long time. But when there are thousands of feet of it, coiled and waiting on the shelves at the supplier it's really something esle. It's like coming on a clearing in the woods full of flowers. Well, not really... for me it's a smell that goes along with the concept of vast potential. I love the smell of a thousand feet of service entrance cable the way an artists loves the smell of a fresh sketch book.

I'm proud of the friendships that I cultivate. As an angry teenager in the awkward years I used to make statements about not caring what other attributes a person had, provided they didn't have a fatal case of the stupids. I'm glad to say I've stuck to that standard. Now, as a thirty-two year old parent some of my favorite friends are a twenty year old restaurant manager and an eighty-eight year old plumber. I would have totally missed out if I hadn't cultivated that acceptance.

I think digital watches are cool.

I can't stand bars. I was fascinated with them before I was old enough to go to them, but now I just think they're awful. Except O'Lacy's Pub, I'll always love that place. It's where me and The Missus went when we were "not-dating". And pubs in England? Totally different story over there.

I love office supplies but I hate paperwork.

I think there's something wrong with trees that aren't maples. It's like they're that slow kid in the back of the class that smells slightly of urine. C'mon guys, get it together.

I am actually a robot who does not require sleep. I just need to plug myself in for at least three hours a day.



Pamela said...

that is such horse shit about you not needing sleep. you sleep every damn time you sit down, my dear.

The Mister said...

And it's marvelous. That's why I thought anybody who knows that about me would get a chuckle about that last one.

UncleBenna said...

I laughed...

Daniels5 said...

dude, I take it the comment about exhibiting animosity toward memes was directed at me. Sorry, I like doing them i just can't pass them on because, usually they come from either you or the missus and both of you have already tagged the other and that leaves me with "college buddy" who doesn't blog but maybe once every 2 months. sorry, love your factoids though!

The Mister said...

That comment was totally not directed at you Cuz. You were the only one of the five I sent the meme to that didn't gripe about doing it. No, wait... Sarah didn't complain either, once again The Mister shows his strengths and weaknesses: good at sarcasm, bad at math.

ChurchPunkMom said...

dude.. I totally gave you a Manward.. (see my blog)