Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In Other News

For some strange reason, the sidebar is still not updating when I post over at Simple Terms. Here are some of the gems you missed if you've been depending on SeƱior Faulty Widget over there to keep you up to date. I'll warn you in advance that my rant on fat people ruffled a few feathers, but it also served to make me aware that I have a wider audience now (no pun intended) than I did when I started and also that I should point the finger at myself more than I do.



Pamela said...

you have a wider audience.

yeah, that'd be me and little Georgia after snacking on hot and spicy chicken from the chinois.


bentownsend said...

... FYI... I don't believe it to be the widget at fault. I believe it has to do with the RSS over at Simple Terms not updating properly. As it did the same for me when I tried out a similar widget on Wordpress. Even listed the same post as the most recent...