Thursday, October 16, 2008

How I Got To Be The Mister (Part 1)

The Missus has been slowly revealing the story of how we got together on her blog. She's kind of let the story lay for a while so I thought I'd get started on my side of it and see if we can't get a parallel narrative going here.

We both grew up in the same small town. We lived not more than a half mile apart, but I was a townie and she lived out past the sidewalks so we didn't see each other much outside of school. She's also much younger than I am so our crowds didn't mix too much. By high school we were both in the band and the chorus, she was on the swim team a couple years too. My friends were dating her friends but we didn't have much interaction at all.

In the size town that we live in, there's only so much opportunity for dating. With about sixty in a graduating class things were actually pretty limited. There were a few kids that nobody would date, but other than that, the lack of options made for some interesting combinations. Cheerleaders and headbangers, that sort of thing. I tended to get stuck on a girls that were totally out of my league so I didn't date that much.

That's not to say that the spark wasn't there though. We were both reasonably good looking for two people in the heart of the awkward years, so there was an appreciative eye cast here and there. But we both also had raging tempers and razor tounges. The way we tell the story these days is that there were times when one of us was sweet on the other, but then said other would open their mouth and ruin it.

Eventually, graduation came for me and much, much later for her and we departed for far off lands in pursuit of academia. Five years passed without a thought for the girl who would someday give birth to our crop of shorties. There are two versions of my younger self that I wish I could pass a note to, that guy is one of them. If I could slip a note to the 1994 mister and tell him not to even worry about who I would end up with, I could have saved myself a lot of heartache in my college years.

That's the set-up. Check back in a couple days and I'll let you in on our bumbling glorious reunion. Its a tale of parents and pubs, lies and intrigue. As I said before, The Missus has written eloquently on the subject, I'll be sure to post the appropriate cross links.



ChurchPunkMom said...

ooh... now i'll have to catch up on her side..

off to make some pop corn. ;)

Pamela said...

We just made popcorn. It was the best popcorn evah. I was busy typing a Very Serious Post where I am guaranteed to piss people off when I was completely distracted by the popcorn bliss.

Julia said...

I can't wait to hear the rest! I think Pam might have told me waaaay back when you guys first got married, but my usually decent memory is shot.