Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hi, I'm Buzz Lightyear

I know... not what you were expecting if you happened to be awaiting a post about how I became The Mister. This was just too juicy to let slide by though.

A couple days ago I had gotten up at 4 am to go do a morning gig, and by 9 pm my ass was dragging. I was out here in the shop, clicking around on Facebook and catching up with some folks. The phone rang. It was The Missus. Usually this means that some short people are not sleeping and need attention. It was J-Man this time, and apparently it was not going to be possible to sleep without talking to a certain someone. Here's how it went down.

Myself: 'lo

The Missus: Hi, this is J-Man's Mama, Buzz, remember you said earlier that we could call you?

Myself: Who's up?

TM: Would you be willing to talk to J-Man, Buzz?

Me: Awright, I'll be right in.

TM: No, J-Man want's to talk to Buzz, remember you said that would be OK? (I hadn't said anything of the sort, she was ad-libbing and I was too slow to catch on.)

Me: I'm pretty slow right now, could you just tell me what you want me to do?!

TM: I need you to be Buzz Lightyear!

Me: (?).... (!)... OK... put J-Man on.

J-Man: Hew-wowe?

Me as Buzz Lightyear: Hey there Junior Space Cadet!!! Having some trouble getting to sleep are you?

J: ...

MABL: Well, I hope you'll get all snuggled under the covers and get a good night's rest.

J: ...

MABL: Space cadets need to get lots of rest so they can do their best! Will you do that?

J: uh-huh

MABL: (Paddling while I try to get my tired brain to supply me with Buzz Lightyear's catchphrase so I can end this.) Well... I'm about to go to bed myself, I've got a busy day tomorrow and I want to be at my best.

: uh-huh

MABL: Goodnight Junior Space Cadet J-Man. To infinity and beyond!

J: ...

I hung up and after a few minutes finished up what I was doing and went in the house. The Missus told me after the call his mouth was still stuck open. She asked him what he thought.

Buzz Witeyeaw is so COOL! He's gowin ta bed too!



ChurchPunkMom said...

totally AWESOME.

Pamela said...

Except now? The child wants to call Buzz Witenear all the damn time. And sometimes we just can't call Buzz when Daddy's in the next room because it will dash the dinghy that is his sweet heart on the cliffs of reality.

Daniels5 said...

Way to put the Daddy boots on and take one for the team! WE over at the Daniels 6 Think that is pretty awesome!

Daniels5 said...

WHAO, totally hit the wrong key there that is Daniels 5!!!