Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Warrior

I spent the weekend mixing an event for the Salvation Army, you can read about it on my other blog Simple Terms. Blogger is still not updating my posts from that blog in the side bar so please feel free to make use of this hand-coded link.

A real big bonus of working this gig is that it's at a camp on the shores of Keuka Lake. Also on the shores of Keuka Lake is a cottage owned by my aunt and uncle. My family had the use of it for the weekend, so during a lull on Saturday I left my assistant in charge and scooted down to Hammondsport for a visit.

My darling wife had transported three... energetic children there allbyherveryownself and was exhausted. I had lunch with them at the picnic table and then sent her off for a nap. I chased the baby around for a while and then plopped him down for a nap too. Grama and Grampa were along for the ride and mentioned at that point that they'd be happy to get the big ones down for their naps and that I should just enjoy myself for the time I had. I slumped in an adirondack chair and watched the two remaining children splash around in the frigid water. At some point Grama woke me to see if I needed to be getting back. I did, but what a pleasant couple of hours that was.

The rest of the gig went off without a hitch and I arrived home to meet some worn out kiddos on my front walk. The jump from road warrior to family man was seamless and even mostly painless. The kids were too tired to do their usual welcome home act so I avoided three headbutts to the crotch high impact hugs and instead spent a nice hour or two snuggling them into bed. It was nice to get to go be a grown up by myself, but I spent all weekend talking about them and showing off pictures.

And now, feeling warm and fuzzy, I have posted my long overdue updates for my friends on the interweb, and I'll be toddling off to be hours before midnight. That has not occurred for far too long. Hope your weekend logged you some hours of quality time too. See you in the details.


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Jill said...

mister, glad to see things are going great on your end! Hows the new J.O.B. oh wait I'm supposed to check your other blog, will do! sorry! forgot this is daddy blog!