Thursday, September 4, 2008

Three Week Sentence

Let me lead off by saying that despite what the little widget on the side says about me having not updated Simple Terms in a week, I have. There's some kick ass material over there, including the penultimate chapter in the saga of my job change. All that's left is the formal offer. Now, on to the daddy stuff.

I'm told by all the people who read the best parenting magazines, and my own parents as well, that the severe emotional turmoil that follows after each day of kindergarten will eventually wear off. Obviously, most people don't have memories of sobbing at dinner about school, at least I hope not. My folks said that me and Junior were both total wrecks at the end of the day.

But, it only lasts about three weeks. Not such a bad sentence, for the sobbers or the back patters. I can already see Miss O getting a handle on things and today was only her second day. So hold on parents of kindergarteners. Academia will eventually stop overloading your little dears and they'll start having good days from start to finish... at least until first grade rolls around and they get totally bored with the learning experience. More about home schooling options next time.


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