Sunday, September 28, 2008

Major Overhaul

This weekend has been preordained as the Great Overhaul since Memorial Day when The Queen Mum's family was up from DC for a visit. The Fabulous Antie Steph (above) it turns out is a world class organizer and volunteered her services for a weekend. She arrived before I got home from work on Friday and the mayhem commenced.

Not being attached to any of our stuff, she was able to completely disassemble a room, toss a bunch of stuff and get us headed in the right direction. I'm sure everyone can identify with that feeling that it would be so easy to get the house straightened out if only there was a starting point. Take it from me, you need a ringer, an outsider who can come in with a fresh perspective. It doesn't hurt to have several extra people on hand to help with the short folk either.

My part was mostly to shuffle furniture around. This isn't such a big deal in that moving heavy stuff around is a part of my daily routine anyway. I'm still getting used to changing the house around though. In my family, the couch sits where it sits because that is where the couch has always sat. The Missus' family will get up on a commercial break, rearrange the living room and sit back down to watch the end of Jeopardy. I used to try and help figure things out but found that it goes much better if I just do the moving. Here you can see the living room with most of the furniture we own crammed over to one side.

Auntie Steph (she's our children's aunt by the way, not ours) came bearing gifts. Well, not actually bearing them, but our Christmas present from Duke Josh and Auntie Steph was to be a computer desk. Part of her master plan included some space in the house for just The Missus and me. It wound up being the front room, which had been the Dayton dining room since the Forties, and then most recently a dumping ground for Fisher Price playroom.

So, after an afternoon spent blessedly involved with a carpentry project in the driveway, I got to spend the time after the short people went to bed at various shopping centers with the ladies, picking out our Christmas present. Auntie Steph was thinking of something tall that could go in a corner. The only one that I liked was all glass and steel, totally not a piece that I thought The Missus would like. It turned out that she did until we caught sight of the Computer Armoir (Insert Heavenly Chorus singing here). What a lovely little bit o' design that thing is. Everything in its place and two doors that can hide it all away. Brilliant

The carpentry project that had filled the earlier part of my day was some lockers for the kids stuff. A big sucky spot at my house is around the front door. We've tried all sorts of things, but it always winds up jammed with outerwear, mail and whatnot, no matter what we do. Miss O has a neat-o locker at school, and J-Man a little cubby that he loves. So I scooted to the lumber yard and whipped up two sets of lockers. Right now they're in opposite corners, but they can stack up if need be. I project the next great restructuring to happen about ten o'clock next summer, we'll see where they wind up.

I missed out on the short people's reaction. Apparently there was intense cheering on the part of the two school aged kids. The baby joined in because well, he's a follower at this point, it's all he's got. So those were a big hit and totally worth finishing with a flashlight strapped to my head while the moon rose over my table saw.

Now we're nearly at the end of it. Everybody's tired and stressed out. The kids seem pretty enthused, but really their lives have been upside down as we shuffled them around all weekend. The cats are totally pissed at us. But the ladies are two rooms away from the finish line, and I've only got a little bit of carpentry left to do. In another day or two it'll be like living in a new house again. Then all we have to do is figure out how to keep it that way. Probably the thought of Auntie Steph sobbing if she saw the place a wreck again at Christmas will do it.

Man, I'm beat... g'nite.



sarahliz said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see the "new place"

relevant tech said...

thats awsome i must come and see the new place

Jill said...

Oh i'm so jealous, I love the over haul process! (espcially when its not mine) Your lockers came out beautiful! sorry Imissed you guys this weekend! glad all is well with the missus and the sweets! Catch you next time cuz!

amalthea23 said...

and where does one GET a computer armoire such as the one you've just procured? I have been on the hunt for just that thing....

The Mister said...