Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day Off

7:15 AM
The is me on my first day of freedom, drinking coffee at an undisclosed location. Calls from work on my phone so far today: just one, and I answered it. I asked another guy to pick up the guy I've been giving a ride to and he wasn't waiting. Then I shut the phone off. I'll be posting all day long, photos of me enjoying my freedom, a running tally of angry phone calls, etc. Thanks to everyone who's been commenting, texting, and especially praying.

8:49 AM
I have started my day comfortably. A cup of coffee at a secure location was just the thing to keep my nerves in check. I'm departing now to run some errands. My truck is seriously neglected so I'm off to get parts and see what kind of a fix I can wrangle. One voicemail from work so far, a non-angry call to see if I had overslept. I had someone else check it for me because I still start to shake when I think about work.

9:54 AM
I saw some adorable children at the farmer's market. We walked around looking at all the produce. Their super cute mother was on hand, she bought me a peach. The Sausage Man was there and said that the pig he's been raising for us is up to a healthy 200 some pounds. We said to keep feeding him for another month, he needs to fill the whole chest freezer, not just tease it.

11:02 AM
The same cute children were spotted at a playground so I stopped in to spend some hang time with em. The equipment got boring so we went to look at the creek and poke at touch-me-nots. There was a loaf of homemade bread and a watermelon on hand, so we had a picnic lunch in the shade. Then some short people were tired and went home for a nap.

1:29 PM
Still no voice-mail on the phone, but got a call to go look at a little electrical job at a church. I stopped in there to find three friends I haven't seen in forever standing in the parking lot. One who was up from Florida always seems to turn up right before he has to head back. Oh, well... one day he'll meet the kids. Speaking of which, time for a couple oil changes while they're napping.

3:13 PM
The middle of the afternoon found me happily engaged in the satisfying task of refreshing the complex hydrocarbons that lubricate the power plants of our vehicles, or... as most people call it: doing an oil change. I have to admit a small amount of trepidation on my part, half expecting to see a silver pickup pull in containing one irate former employer. No such thing took place though and I'm on my way now to do something else pleasant.

7:09 PM
Had dinner with the fam and then toddled off to church to run a presentation for the Happy Agers. Their guest speaker was Charles Kuralt's camera man for decades. I got to sit alone with him for forty-five minutes before he started, going over clips with him telling me about how he was in freezing water in hip waders for this shot and in a tree for that shot. It was awesome. I don't really speak camera man, but sound guy is a close enough dialect for me to have really enjoyed the conversation.

10:47 PM
At home the children were all asleep, suprisingly peacefully for tomorrow being Sis' big day and all. That would be her first day of kindergarten. Oh boy. I think I need to start another post about that. But on the job front, only one further voice mail all day. The former boss left a message in a calm voice for me to please give him a call.

Not bad. I feel like I'm already starting to detox from the whole experience. Already I don't shake when I think about working there anymore. I'm not worried about any of the stuff that was going on there. I've gotten a bunch of nice comments and phone calls from people who care. My interview is tomorrow. I'm going to put my little girl on her first school bus, sob a little, lay some bricks with my best friend and see about opening the door on a new era of my life. See ya there.



bentownsend said...

oh this one is easy... I know where you are.

Gimmie a new one!

Anth K, the Super Jew said...

Congratulations. I for the first time today, told my work that I wouldn't come in to cover someones shift. It felt great. As for the location. I think you're still trying to re-live a little bit of the nostalgia from Saturday, which is 100% understandable.

Jill said...

mister, you da bomb, rock on w/ your bad self and enjoy your freedom!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could hide out in that great location you picked!! have another java on me! maybe we can all -your kids, the misses, me and mine -- could terrorize that location sometime together:) or maybe the pizza place down the way!

Glad to know that you are at peace and God will provide - He always does...cant wait to read about the miraculous way He meets your needs.

by the way- congrats on the newest Dayton to come! - I am of course praying for a girl ...gotta keep the team even!


Pamela said...

If I wasn't feeling so stinking awful I'd be something nice for you to do later. So sorry about that.

bentownsend said...

thats one nasty looking oil filter. Sounds like a pleasant day.

Jill said...

Hope the "first day" goes well for Miss O, and your interview for your new endevour is a breeze!