Sunday, September 7, 2008

Final Chapter?

To begin, Blogger is still not showing updates from my other blog in the side bar. I've been posting over there as well so if you've been peering at the side bar wondering why "Take This Job and..." is still listed as the most recent post, it's not. Simple Terms is awash in recent posts that I hope you will take a look at and leave clever comments, because nothing says "validation" like snappy comments from readers. On to the job saga:

I'm not sure if this is the end of the job saga or what. Things have finally come to a point where nearly everyone is happy. The folks at the hospital seem really happy. My future boss has said he would put my stuff through to the HR people and that they will call me soon to formally offer me the job, providing they are satisfied with my criminal record, etc. Then I get to do a drug test and fill out a bunch of paperwork and then I guess I have a job. Since I am not a criminal, don't use drugs and know how to write, this should all be pretty easy.

After a week of angry phone calls from my former boss which I mostly didn't answer, and also a bunch of threats, we finally decided to speak nicely to one another again. Once he realized that there was no amount of pressure or manipulation that was going to work on me the situation stabilized fairly quickly. Now I'm actually back working there until the new job starts. Instead of wiring alone though, I've got several of the crew to help me as the deadline for moving cows in to the barn is fast approaching. Once the front is done, I'll be instructing those guys how to wire the back and stopping in to check their work.

The only person who's not happy in all this is The Missus. She would rather I not have anything at all to do with my former boss. So after I spend all day in what is now still a semi-tense situation, even after all the apologies, I come home to a wife who is still pretty pissed. But, the children are not so stressed about Miss O's new schedule, the house is slowly getting cleaner, and the morning all-day sickness seems to be easing off a bit. It won't be long till I'm wearing the navy blue of United Memorial and finishing my work day at three o'clock.

The kiddos are slipping into their new roles with only a few hitches along the way. Mostly they're just worn out. Miss O is scooting to the head of the class, in no small part due to the fact that she's a teriffic kiss-ass I'm told. That's my girl, if you can't lick em, butter em up. A few quick lessons on working the system and she'll be the queen of the county in no time.

J-Man has also assumed a super hero identity for himself. This usually consists of him donning an orange hard hat, orange glasses, and using his beloved blanket for a cape, all over the top of a blanket sleeper. The first night he made an appearance in this garb he was attempting to rescue Sis from the tragedy of bed time. He appeared at the top of the stairs with legs spread announcing that, "Super Power J-Man will rescue you!" (He doesn't actually say J-Man, he says his name, but maybe it would be even more funny if he did, I'll have to see how he feels about it.) The Missus nearly peed her pants when she heard him say it, I had to advise her not to turn around. When I described his look to her she said it was just the way she had pictured it though.

There's also some politics and some economics and some weather floating around in the world at large, but none of that concerns me. It's Sunday afternoon, the children are subdued, sleeping or watching a movie. The Missus and I are picking away at the debris and all is right with the world.


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that girl said...

I'm glad things are kinda settling two yr old is really missing 5 yr old.

ALSO, I me-me'd you. ha ha.