Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First Actual Post

OK, so... I just went to all the trouble of setting up this page for the sole purpose of being able to post comments on my wife's blog and have it say "The Mister" on top of them. After all that mucking about I discovered that I can simply type in whatever I want and have it link straight through to my blog without routing through this one. I'm not quite the computer genius I once was. I blame it on Al Gore. Stupid Interweb!

At any rate, now that I've got this place I figure I'll put it to good use posting all the posts from my regular blog that pertain to the subject of mister-hood; and toss in all the ones about my short people as well.

Then people who aren't:
  • sound geeks
  • my close friends
  • or interested in anything but the increasingly popular daddy-blog format
can just jump straight here and not be saddled with the task of sorting through my posts about:
  • pro-audio
  • cussin'
  • stupid things uttered at work.
So sit back, relax, and enjoy my attempt at being Black Hockey Jesus. He runs a little wisdom mill called "The Wind in Your Vagina" which is a little quote from his lovely daughter on the playground and not anything at all adult related so keep your dander in the lowered position, awright? It's daddy blogging with the top down and the radio blastin. He get's pushed out of shape and it's hard to steer... when he get's rubber in all four gears. (A Beach Boys reference and not anything to do with prophilactics, dander still down? Good. OK. Enough shameless plugging of my faorite-blog-by-a-person-with-outdoor-plumbing. (Gender reference there, you with me still?) It's off to the races in my own little deuce coupe. 'Cept I'd rather envision mine as a '70 Road Runner 440 in Sub-Lime with the shaker hood and Torqueflight 727.

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