Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crazy Train

I wish The Missus would take a break. Anyone who knows her at all knows her to be a completely unstoppable jauggernaught of force, creativity and at least three times the recommended daily allowance of will. She's thrown herself into cause after cause, made tremendous progress in all of them, and changed lives, organizations and even whole neighborhoods for the better.

But do you think she's capable of taking a night off?


Every year we add more things to our life than we ever thought possible. We cut out more and more that is superflous until we think we couldn't possibly cram in one more thing, and then the following year we do it again.

Thank God she finally found a hobby. She was into scrapbooking for a while, but then we got a good digital camera and the paper stuff never came out again. She's wicked good at writing though and has immersed herself in the Mommy-Blogosphere. I expect that shortly she'll write something that someone will want to publish and she'll make a good deal of money off it. But until the...

She'll cram every weekday with activity, and every evening with special activities for the kids. We'll travel extensively, which everyone knows is actually a good deal more taxing than work is. And she'll continue to say yes to nearly every single thing that somebody asks her to do because my Missus is more than just a good person, she is actually something more along the lines of being a force of nature or a figure from mythology.

Picture a Norse hero who's challenged to drink the king's drinking horn dry and can only lower the level a little. Said hero is shamed at first until he finds that the other end of the horn is connected to the ocean and nobody has ever made a dent in it before. My Missus would have drained it, refilled it for the kids, and gone off to look for a scrubby to take care of that ring around the rim.

The worst thing is that she knows she has a problem sitting still and can't do anything about it. So here's my latest effort.

Sit down on the fucking couch
for Pete's fucking sake!!!

Babe... seriously... if you need to go to Target three nights a week to get your head right, go and do it. I like it when you're here, but if you're out then I won't compulsively structure my evening around your blogging activities and it's a mental health bonus for the both of us. Go visit K in Ohio, with our without children. If you need me to kick you in the ass to accomplish any of this, just say so. As a possessor of the Y chromosome I am not receptive to the subtle hint, the not-so-subtle hint, or even the obvious hint. You run the schedule around here, so put yourself on it and let the rest of us sort it out. Kay?

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'That Girl' said...

You're a GOOD husband. I think she might need you to do some laundry and pick up stray fruit while she's gone though.. ;)